A hobo stum­bles in­to the store, yelling things and mak­ing every­one un­com­fort­able. Sud­den­ly, he stum­bles up­on the rack with copies of the New York Times, an im­age of Iraq on the front page. He stares in si­lence for a mo­ment, and says: You think it’s bad be­ing home­less? Imag­ine be­ing in Fal­lu­jah!

–Star­bucks, 59 St. & 9th Ave.

Over­heard by: An­drea

Two ho­bos are drink­ing malt liquor from pa­per bags. Hobo #1 shakes his head in dis­may: …I tell you, I tell you–that’s why they’ll [sic] nev­er be peace in the Mid­dle East.

–29th St. & 2nd Ave.

Over­heard by: Tri­cia Karsay