Guy #1: So are we gonna make out lat­er? I’m go­ing back to LA; we’ll nev­er have to see each oth­er again.
Girl: No, I don’t think so.
Guy #2: Yes! That’s a maybe!

–The De­lancey, De­lancey be­tween Clin­ton & At­tor­ney
Head­line by: Kane, OKC

· “At the Clubs He Goes to, Pep­per Spray to the Face Means ‘I Love You’ ” — Bard­ley
· “Break­ing News: Harsh No/Yes Po­lar­i­ty Out­lawed in LA” — Lon­eR­hi­no
· “Gov­er­nor Schwarzeneg­ger, Would You Please Take the Stand?” — not a ter­mi­na­tor fan.
· “His Glass Is Half Full… Of GHB” — Panthea
· “Jen­nifer Anis­ton and Brad Pit­t’s Fi­nal Con­ver­sa­tion” — Queen­Nisha
· “Sur­pris­ing­ly ‘Be­tween Clin­ton & At­tor­ney’ On­ly De­scribes the Lo­ca­tion” — mat­intin
· “Why the ‘Just Say No’ Pol­i­cy Failed: Men Were In­volved” — Mark Manne
· “Women Are from New York, Men Are from LA” — Ali­ka
· “Yeah, and Maybe We’ll Still Find the WMD” — 999er
· “Yes! He’s Prob­a­bly Sold His Screen­play, Too! Maybe!” — David Ter­renoire

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