Teen thug: You know, if you put’em on hot they dry faster. On hot the clothes dry faster.

–Kings­land Ave & Jack­son Ave., Willams­burg

Over­heard by: con­fab­u­la­tion na­tion

Hip­ster on cell: She thinks the en­tire world re­volves around her. What is she, the sun?

–Union Square

Would-be physi­cist: Did you ever hear of mag­net­ic re­pul­sion? Be­cause I swear to god that door has an east­ern pole or some­thing.

–Wal­greens Drug­store, Union Square

Over­heard by: kbot

Guy: So, you’ve dis­sect­ed cats be­fore?

–Lafayette & Cen­tre St

Over­heard by: Janelle

Loud chick: So I was look­ing on the In­ter­net to learn more about our plan­et and bio­di­ver­si­ty and shit, and there’s like five more ex­tinc­tions sup­posed to hap­pen! You know, like the di­nosaurs and shit!

–Ray’s Piz­za, E Hous­ton

Over­heard by: just vis­it­ing!

Soc­cer mom: He has had some re­al­ly hard so­cial stud­ies stuff… Like why the sea­sons change and the how the earth moves around the sun.

–War­ren Fields, Mur­ray & West Side High­way

Over­heard by: Soc­cer Nan­ny