Meth ad­dict #1: So… What kind of work you in?
Young woman, hold­ing up name tag which says ‘so­cial work­er’: So­cial Work.
Meth ad­dict #2: Where do you work?
Young woman: Planned par­ent­hood
Meth ad­dict #1: Shit. Can you find her kid? They got him in fos­ter care.
Young woman: No, sor­ry. I don’t work for child ser­vices. Con­tact your coun­ty of­fi­cials and ex­plain your sit­u­a­tion to them.
Meth ad­dict #2: Yeah I don’t know where he is at. Can you get him?
Young woman: I work at Planned Par­ent­hood. Sor­ry.
Meth ad­dict #2: Just ’cause you’re pret­ty you can’t treat peo­ple like shit.
Young woman: Just be­cause you do drugs does­n’t mean you should­n’t brush your teeth.

–Up­town 4 train