Fe­male yup­pie: As a gen­er­al rule of thumb, I think I should re­frain from go­ing to the Hus­tler Club with my male boss and co-work­ers from now on.

–Down­town C train

Over­heard by: amused pas­sen­ger

Yup­pie: It was the most in­tense Ha­va Nag­i­lah I’d ever seen.

–43rd & Lex

Yup­pie, ex­am­in­ing the New York Pub­lic Li­brary: Wow, that li­brary is such a waste of re­al es­tate!

–42nd & 5th Av­enue

Over­heard by: Read­er Rab­bit

Emo Girl to friend: Oh I love Whole Foods, its like Wal-Mart for Yup­pies.

–Whole Foods, Union Square

Over­heard by: Ad­die Wa­genknecht

Yup­pie, to Mc­Don­ald’s cashier: Do you have French vanil­la ca­puc­ci­no?

–Mc­Don­ald’s, 34th & 10th