Guy to Chi­nese tourists: We call them cops. Cit­i­zens on Pa­trol, that’s one the­o­ry. You know Lon­don? In the U.K.? Over there they call them bob­bies. In New York, cops. In Lon­don, bob­bies.
British woman: In Lon­don they’re called cop­pers.
Guy: What?
British woman: In Lon­don they call them cop­pers. That’s where the word “cop” comes from.
Guy: She would know, be­cause she’s from there. So in New York, cops. In Lon­don, cop­pers. Not to be con­fused with “coop­er,” which is some­one who plays with cop­per. So is this a lot like Shang­hai?

–E train

Over­heard by: kyetlen