Ghetto wannabe #1: Yo’ rhymes are so lame it’s like you took the cosine.
Ghetto wannabe #2: You so poor you go fishin’ for dimes.

–Woodhaven, Queens

Overheard by: drendar

Headline by: Against Marj


· “Bill and Hillary Prepare for Next Year’s Video Music Awards” — DoubleJ

· “Cosine? Like from Nigganometry?” — Big Larry

· “E = MC Hammer Squared” — Christina

· “M.C. Tangent and D.J. Non-Sequitur.” — SandmanEsq

· “My rhymes are so hype I can divide by zero, Burnin’ down the ghetto like my name is Nero” — mk

· “Whitey got no algorithm” — Charlie

· “Why Pythagorus never got sined.” — Julie Baber

· “Yo’ so dumb you only know pi to 3.14159” — arielle

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