Guy with fliers: Psy­chic read­ings! On­ly 10 dol­lars! Psy­chic read­ings!
Re­al­ist: Yo man, if that bitch knows where the mon­ey at, why don’t she go get it her­self?
Guy, drop­ping fliers: Word! I’m go­ing to go ask that bitch now!

–Union Square

Head­line by: Al­li­son


· “He’s a reg­u­lar Nos­tra-Dum­b­ass” — Smell­face

· “I see dead pres­i­dents!” — The Amaz­ing Gotcharock­soff

· “Miss Cleo: Your First Card Is Suck­er, The 3 Of Sheis­ters” — the ace of spades

· “That Takes a Pair of Crys­tal Balls.” — DanK

· “We ALL saw that com­ing” — JP

· “While You’re There, Ask Her Where The Lep­rechaun At” — wook­ie

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