Suit on cell: Nah, don’t even both­er call­in’ that fuckin’ guy. At 4:59 he pulls the steam whis­tle and slides down the Bron­tosaurus tail.

–45th & 7th

Over­heard by: Fred F.

Home­girl to an­oth­er: Yo, you re­mind me of my nig­ga, Sponge­Bob!

–125th & Am­s­ter­dam

20-some­thing babe: Op­ti­mus Prime is my boyfriend!

–Union Square cin­e­ma

Suit: The win­ter af­ter I grad­u­at­ed col­lege I watched a lot of Car­toon Net­work.

–8th St & 6th Ave

Over­heard by: jonesy

Girl: Yeah, you know, it’s just like the time I dyed my­self blue, on­ly the guy I was with was col­or­blind so he could­n’t even tell! Hey, haven’t you ever want­ed to know what it feels like to be a Smurf?

–1 train

Fat pro­fes­sor: In or­der to avoid eco­nom­ic loss you have to look deep­er than the av­er­age bear.

–Pace Uni­ver­si­ty

Over­heard by: ran­dom stu­dent