Old­er man: Hey, can I ask you about that dig­i­tal cam­era you have?
20-some­thing guy: Yeah, sure. Think­ing of buy­ing one for your kid or some­one?
Old­er man: When you take pic­tures on that thing, do you have to bring it to the pho­to store still to get de­vel­oped?
20-some­thing guy: Oh, no. I mean, you can and they can do it for you, but I usu­al­ly just print–
Old­er man: –You can print them at home, right? Okay, good, be­cause I some­times take per­son­al pic­tures, and I hes­i­tate to bring them to the pho­to store. Do­ing it in pri­vate would be bet­ter for me. Now, I can delete them or save them in a se­cret hid­ing place at home too… Right?
20-some­thing guy: … Uh, I sup­pose.

–6 train, Union Square

Over­heard by: Mat­ty K