Guy: You know, they’re giv­ing away mon­ey on the T train for be­ing nice.
Bim­bette: What?
Guy: The T train — they’re giv­ing away mon­ey to peo­ple who are nice.
Bim­bette: Who are?
Guy: The T train.
Bim­bette: How can a train give away mon­ey?
Guy: Not the train. The peo­ple — the train peo­ple.
Bim­bette: Why would they give away mon­ey?
Guy: To en­cour­age peo­ple to be nice. They give it to peo­ple who do nice things.
Bim­bette: Nice things?
Guy: Yeah, like hold­ing open the door, let­ting some­one have your seat — nice things.
Bim­bette: How can they just give away mon­ey?
Guy: It’s not ac­tu­al mon­ey. They’re gift cer­tifi­cates to Dunkin’ Donuts.
Bim­bette: What’s a donut?
Guy: Are you fuck­ing kid­ding me?

–A train

Over­heard by: this imag­i­nary train you speak of sounds nice