Girl on cell: I have that fresh­ly fucked feel­ing.

–The Gap, Ben­son­hurst

La­dy on cell: Do you re­mem­ber the guy who used to be in Grand Cen­tral all the time? The one with the doll… The doll he would fuck. He and the doll would do a fuck dance. He had it strapped to him at all times.

–Out­side NYU dorm, E 14th St

Over­heard by: col­lege grad­u­ate

White trash gas sta­tion at­ten­dant: Life got a lot eas­i­er once I de­cid­ed not to give a fuck.

–233rd St & Jerome Ave

Over­heard by: Patrick Di Jus­to

Suit to an­oth­er: What­ev­er, it’s New York. I’m ex­pect­ing to get told ‘F‑you’ like 17 times.

–La­Guardia air­port

Over­heard by: Ra­ja

Ghet­to girl lick­ing fin­gers and lips af­ter con­sum­ing hot dog: Mmm, gir­rrl… I fucked that hot dog up!

–Mer­cer and W. 4th

Dude: Ma… Ma, I on­ly used the F‑word once, Ma. I’m fuck­ing se­ri­ous here.

–44th & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Tourist from Cana­dia

Lit­tle boy shout­ing to friend across the street: I just learned how to say ‘Fuck’!

–Irv­ing & Greene, Bush­wick

Over­heard by: Andy