Crazy home­less guy: Ya see, I don’t like the Bap­tists, be­cause I’m a Ro­man Catholic. But I would hire a Bap­tist man, be­cause I like the dough­nuts.

–4 train

Over­heard by: Russ Wall

Lit­tle boy skip­ping: I did not com­mit a sin!

–Cen­tral Park

Yup­pie chick on cell: It’s re­al­ly easy to con­vert to Protes­tantism. All you have to do is kill a few Catholics, Mar­tin Luther King style. Okay, I got­ta go, I have a train to catch.

–Mon­tague St, Brook­lyn

Over­heard by: I’d like to know where she stud­ied his­to­ry

Man bow­ing head: Hail Mary, full of– ah, fuck it.

–North­bound Q train