Chick: … So she had sex with both Rush Lim­baugh and Bernie Kerik? Ewww, I would­n’t want to be her vagi­na!

–10 E 53rd St

Over­heard by: I thought ewww, too

Fat lati­na: You mean it don’t shake and jump up and down? Girl, what kin­da clit do you have?

–Stan­ton & Clin­ton

Old guy sweep­ing side­walk: You won’t see me beg­ging for no pussy. No way.

–118th & 5th

Over­heard by: robin b

Girl in skirt to boy, both stand­ing in the cold: If you could see my un­der­car­riage right now you would see that it’s quiv­er­ing.

–21st & Broad­way

Guy on cell: Yeah, girl. Well, just wait, ’cause I’m gonna ter­ror­ize your pussy tonight.

–Flat­bush Ave, Brook­lyn

Over­heard by: Pe­ter Rice

Les­bian: … So I was like, ‘Fine, bitch. You can shove your own fuck­ing fin­gers up your own fuck­ing cooch. I’m go­ing to put on my clothes and sit in the cor­ner and change my Face­book sta­tus…’

–Re­stroom, Stuyvesant High School

Teen boy: I ate too much pussy. Now I have pussy poi­son­ing.

–Penn Sta­tion

Over­heard by: sara swank