Chick #1: What were you do­ing and why were you walk­ing so hard?
Chick #2: The el­e­va­tor man kept go­ing up and down and missed my stop, and I re­al­ly had to pee, so I had to rush to this floor and use the bath­room. I’ve been hold­ing it since Brook­lyn, and I peed on my­self a lit­tle. My pants are wet.
Chick #3: What?!

Chick #1 starts laugh­ing hys­ter­i­cal­ly.

Chick #2 stomps away, scream­ing: I hate you!
Chick #1: I’m not laugh­ing at you! I’m not laugh­ing at you!

–57th & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Bdiz­zle