Conductor: Hey, clear the closing doors, bitch.

–8th St

Chick on cell: So, how did your date go? Did she call the police on you this week? … Did she have you escorted out of her building this week? … No? Then why did you call me? You just wanted to tell me that? … Oh, you had a big fight? Was it because she’s a crazy bitch?

–225th & Broadway

Overheard by: Rose Fox

Eight-year-old boy to younger kid: If we were in prison you’d be my bitch!

–Hudson & Christopher

Overheard by: Talia

Black man: Went out, got that bitch some food. Bitch was hungry. Got her some food, took her out back, and she sucked my dick. Licked my balls. She’s only 21. Gonna marry that bitch.

–34th & 8th

Guy to buddy: No, it actually sucks because she’s a selfish bitch. She switched our cell phones because mine vibrates better… So she can get off in her cube.

–Hershey store, Times Square

Dude on cell: Well… Well, there’s groups of bitches. There’s, like, a group of bitches here… and a group of bitches there.

–Outside bar, 32nd & 4th, Brooklyn

Overheard by: A Lone Bitch

Guy in full yellow suit with matching hat: I don’t get this girl. You know what I’m saying, ’cause you know I’m the nicest nigga to a bitch.

–Waiting for the L, Union Square