Man in Jews for Je­sus t‑shirt sits while well-dressed young man across from him un­but­tons shirt, takes out black mark­er, and writes ‘Bud­dhist 4 Mo­hammed’ on his un­der­shirt, stand­ing and ag­gres­sive­ly star­ing down Jew for Je­sus.

Bud­dhist guy: Give me zee mon­ey, Lebows­ki! I fucks you up! We want zee mon­ey, Lebows­ki! Give us zee mon­ey or we fucks you up! [Steps to the left, and in a dif­fer­ent Ger­man ac­cent] Ya, give us zee mon­ey, Lebows­ki. My girl­friend cut off her toe ’cause she thought we would get zee mon­ey. Iss not fair.
Jew for Je­sus: [Silent, calm.]Buddhist guy calm­ly sits back down and but­tons his shirt, turn­ing to small His­pan­ic boy next to him: And that’s where ba­bies come from.

–6 train