Ugly chick: Donovan’s is a restaurant suggestion, not an invitation to my pussy!


Overheard by: kathy

Dude to friends: When I go out to eat it’s usually, like, places where I can take off all my clothes.

–Brunch, Renaissance Diner

Overheard by: ctoe

Chatty woman in robe: And I thought, this would never happen in New York. In New York you would call and they would say, ‘If you can’t find our restaurant, you’re too stupid to eat here.’

–Bliss Spa, E 57th St

Short black teen: Yo, once I was in this fancy restaurant, and pâté was on the menu, and my friend said, ‘Yo, what the hell is pate?’ I was like, ‘That’s pâté, negro!’

–16th & 1st

Overheard by: A laughing classmate

Uptown bimbette: I read about this place. It’s George Clooney’s new restaurant.

–Café Cluny, W 4th St & W 12th St

Overheard by: Pugparents