Cashier: I’m sor­ry, but weren’t you in that movie? With Kevin Cost­ner?
Joan Allen: Yes, The Up­side of Anger. Thanks.
Cashier: I knew it was you! Last time you was in here I kept star­ing ’cause I knew it was you — re­mem­ber, I was star­ing at you? You was so good in that!
Joan Allen: Oh, thank you, I’m glad you en­joyed it [pays and leaves].
Cashier to next la­dy in line: Yeah, last time she was in here I stared at her for­ev­er — she must have thought I was crazy.
La­dy in line: What movie was she in?
Cashier: ‘The Oth­er Side… of the An­gel,’ with Kevin Cost­ner! She was that la­dy!
La­dy in line: I nev­er saw that movie. I thought she was on Lost. I thought she was the la­dy on Lost — you know, the teacher.
Cashier: Nah, she was in that movie! ‘The Oth­er Side of the An­gel.‘
La­dy in line: The Up­side of Anger?
Cashier: No! It’s called ‘The Oth­er Side of the An­gel,’ look it up!
La­dy in line: Oh. Nev­er seen it.

–Du­ane Reade, 94th & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Caro