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Now that’s an ed­u­ca­tion

Young woman at a par­ty in Man­hat­tan: “On the first day, the di­rec­tor of the de­part­ment in­tro­duced us to the writ­ing pro­gram and, when he asked us if we had any que­si­tons, one girl raised her hand and she asked, ‘Where are all the guys?’–that was the first ques­tion some­one asked! I was so em­bar­rassed.”

If She Does­n’t Put ‘Mex­i­can’ in the The­sis Ti­tle, They Take Her Grant Mon­ey Away

Den­tal hy­gien­ist: What is your dis­ser­ta­tion go­ing to be on?
Grad stu­dent: The cul­tur­al bar­ri­ers to health care for Mex­i­can-born mi­grant farm work­ers.
Den­tal hy­gien­ist: How about the cul­tur­al bar­ri­ers to health care for Ger­man-Amer­i­can den­tal hy­gien­ists with $2,500 de­ducta­bles, in­stead?

–Hunter Col­lege