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They Even Go to the Bathroom Crazy

Hobo: Don’t you be lookin’ at my dick, motherfucker!
Homed: What?
Hobo: You look at you own dick when you takin’ a piss!
Homed: I wasn’t looking–
Hobo: Mutherfuckin’ faggot. Probably same faggot pissin’ AIDS all over everybody. Oughta put a bullet up you ass… –Grand Central men’s room Overheard by: john chianese A hobo has peed on himself. Hobo: What the fuck? Can’t a brotha go to the bathroom without all you bitches starin’ like it’s something new? –Prospect Park

Wednesday One-Liners Can Still Lead a Normal Life

Pissed off gay guy on phone: What should you have said? Oh, I don’t know, maybe "Hi, I’m Michael, I have syphilis!" –13th & Broadway Guy: That’d be a great gig, but I don’t know if you want to be the face of venereal disease. –Cafe Esperanto Woman coming off train: Get away from me! You got AIDS on yo’ dick! –R Train Overheard by: going to the clinic Chick: As long as it’s not AIDS it’s okay. I’m vaccinated against everything except AIDS. –Columbia University 20-something male talking to friend: You know the way I see it: AIDS will kill you, herpes is just an inconvenience… –34th between 2nd and 3rd Overheard by: LadyEDdy Columbia student, on her public health exam: I just didn’t know where to put the gonorrhea! It had to go somewhere, I just couldn’t figure out where! –School of Public Heatlh, Columbia University Loud guy: So he gave her a venereal disease. That’s not a reason to marry her! –Blue Hill Restaurant