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Do Wednes­day One-Lin­ers Amuse You? Do They Ex­ist to Make You Laugh?

Pro­fes­sor: Fat peo­ple are of­ten fun­ny.

–Baruch Col­lege

Girl to friend: When she OD’ed on him, it was so fun­ny!


Over­heard by: Caitlin

Ditzy-look­ing mid­dle aged woman on cell: The fun­ni­est thing to­day with the kids! They slammed me to the door and one of them bit my arm and I drew blood! (paus­es) Yeah, I know, I’m go­ing back to­mor­row!

–F Train

Girl: So, like my friend thought it would be fun­ny to jump in a pool that did­n’t have wa­ter in it.

–8th St & Broad­way

Brook­lyn artist: Af­ter four or five or­gan­ic vod­ka ton­ics, all the iron­ic hair­styles in the bar start to ac­tu­al­ly be fun­ny.


Or We Can See Some Nu­di­ty

Po­et­ry slam em­cee: Hi, every­one! Wow, what a great turnout…I think you’re all Em­ma’s friends. She’s first, but we have a great line-up, so please don’t leave. Stay!
Em­ma’s friend, sot­to voce: Dude, it’s a po­et­ry read­ing, even Em­ma is leav­ing un­less you give every­one an­oth­er drink tick­et.

–Grand Street & Drig­gs, Brook­lyn