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Still Tak­ing Ado­lessons

Bim­bette #1: I don’t want to grow up. The re­al world is scary.
Bim­bette #2: Yeah… Pu­ber­ty sucks.
Bim­bette #1: Um­mm, I don’t know about you, but I’m pret­ty sure pu­ber­ty is done when you’re, like, fif­teen. We’re 18 now…
Bim­bette #2: Oh. Well, maybe I’m a late bloomer.


Over­heard by: Al­lie

But I Al­so Like Clean­ing and Suck­ing Cock!

Hot south­ern girl #1: So, be­fore I came up here my mom is like, “Be very care­ful around those north­ern boys, they think all south­ern girls just love to cook and fuck.“
Hot south­ern girl #2: Oh my gosh, are you se­ri­ous? They think that? That’s so messed up!
Hot south­ern girl #1: I know!
Hot south­ern girl #2: But I re­al­ly do love to cook… And fuck.
Hot south­ern girl #1: I know… Me too.

–Union Square Cafe

Over­heard by: Mov­ing South

I’m Pret­ty Sure It’s Called The G Spot

Girl #1: Man, if I’m go­ing to go to that par­ty tonight, I got­ta shave my hair.
Girl #2: Yeah, me too. Where is the best price around here?
Girl #3: There’s one on Lex­ing­ton by my place, and a guy does it, and he’s so hot I just want him to ac­ci­den­tal­ly shove his dick up me.
Girl #2: Then we’ll go to that place!

–6 Train

Over­heard by: An­drew

“And When You Give Them Your Car Keys, And Your ATM Card”

Bux­om Blonde: One night stands can be re­al­ly hot, it’s great for a night of fun.
Male Date: You know what’s even hot­ter? When you don’t know their name and you nev­er talk to them again.
Blonde: Yeah, and when you give them $200 at the end of the night.
Male: Yeah, that’s re­al­ly hot.

–Deci­bel Sake Bar

Over­heard by: cara

She’s Used to All That Pseu­do-Ital­ian Crap

Woman #1, point­ing to small­est cup: So, what size is this?
Barista: That’s a small.
Woman #1: And what size is this?
Barista: That’s a medi­um.
Woman #1: And so what size is this?
Barista: That’s a large.
Woman #2: Wow, this has been the most fas­ci­nat­ing ex­change I’ve heard in quite some time.

–9th St Espres­so, East Vil­lage

Over­heard by: Shanka­li­cious