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Wednes­day Undie-Lin­ers

Col­lege girl on cell: So as of last week­end I’ve pledged to be celi­bate for a year…although on sec­ond thought, it should re­al­ly start to­day. I got pret­ty trashed last night and this morn­ing I could­n’t find the un­der­wear I was wear­ing yes­ter­day.

–Church St

Over­heard by: Em­ma

20-some­thing woman: Did you en­joy the bra fit­ting? Old la­dy grab your bits?

–Out­side Town Shop

Over­heard by: Wild Dog Boy

El­der­ly woman ex­am­in­ing bras: What’s with all this padding? I got my own damn tit­ties!

–H&M, 5th Ave

Over­heard by: tit­ti-less

Eight-year-old in a suit jack­et on cell, strut­ting around the store: Did you see any hot, sexy girls? Yeah, but were they hot and sexy? Where are you, man? Are you still in the un­der­wear aisle? Yeah, but are you still by the panties? (loud­er) The panties!

–Barnes & No­ble, Tribeca

Over­heard by: emdee­bee

Trashy girl walk­ing fun­ny: Well, I guess I should have worn un­der­wear.

–Arthur Ave

“My Coke Deal­er Says” Would­n’t Have Had the Same Ring

Loud la­dy: Would you like a tis­sue? [Guy on phone snivels loud­ly, shakes head. La­dy waves tis­sue at him.] Ex­cuse me, here’s a tis­sue.
Guy, cov­er­ing phone: No, thanks.
Loud la­dy: Please take the tis­sue. I hate that noise you’re mak­ing. It’s dis­gust­ing.
Guy, in­to phone: No­body. I’m wait­ing for the train to move and some woman wants me to blow my nose.
Loud la­dy: It’s mak­ing me sick to look at you. You should be ashamed of your­self. Take the tis­sue!
Guy, to loud la­dy: My mom says you’re a rude bitch who should shut the fuck up and go to the next car if you don’t like it! [La­dy storms off.]

–N train, Dit­mars sta­tion, As­to­ria

Over­heard by: A Moth­er Says What?