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Mr. Log­ic No Longer Tries to Give Ad­vice in Per­son, Ever Since Ms. Hor­mones Sev­ered Mr. John­son

Man on phone: Nicole, Nicole, you’re wrong. Why don’t you calm down and lis­ten to Mr. Log­ic? Mr. Log­ic says…

–Of­fice, Mid­town

Over­heard by: Trou­ble

Head­line by: John­nyB

· “… You Prob­a­bly Had Her­pes Be­fore You Met Me.” — KJM
· “…maybe Dat­ing a Writer for Sesame Street Was­n’t Such a Good Idea.” — df
· “It Won’t Do Any Good If She Can’t Ac­tu­al­ly SEE the Hand Pup­pet.” — Zenece
· “Now Tom, That On­ly Works on Katie…” — Lind­sey
· “Worst Pe­nis Name, Ever.” — Jim C.
· “You’re 8 Months Preg­nant, Birth Con­trol May Be Moot” — Rose

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So Women Vi­brat­ed, Which Was Pret­ty Cool

NYU pro­fes­sor: And so the Chi­nese in­vent­ed sta­tis­tics to take cen­sus­es. (to girl) Would you have been count­ed?
Girl: Um… Yes?
Guy: No, be­cause they on­ly count­ed men in the cen­sus­es.
Pro­fes­sor: Right, be­cause this was back in the good old days, when men were men and women were wash­ing ma­chines.

–NYU Kauf­man Build­ing

Over­heard by: Erin