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Jus­ti­fi­ably In­dig­nant?

White male cus­tomer: I want a small black cof­fee.
East In­di­an fe­male cashier: Do you want cream and sug­ar in that?
White male cus­tomer: No, I want it black.
East In­di­an fe­male cashier: Black?
White male cus­tomer, point­ing at pic­ture of black man in ad on the wall: Yes, black! I want it to look like that guy!

–Dunkin’ Donuts, 53rd & Lex

Over­heard by: next in line

Why Tho­razine Is Con­traindi­cat­ed for Ser­vice Em­ploy­ees

Yan­kee fan: Yeah, I’ll have a grilled chick­en sand­wich and a vanil­la iced cof­fee.
Ap­a­thet­ic cashier: Crispy chick­en sand­wich?
Yan­kee fan: No, grilled, sor­ry about that–I thought I said grilled.
Ap­a­thet­ic cashier: And you want­ed a Di­et Coke?
Yan­kee fan: No, a vanil­la iced cof­fee.
Cashier: Oh.

–Mc­Don­ald’s, Yan­kee Sta­di­um

Over­heard by: Rachel W.

Socrates Shows Up An­oth­er So-Called ‘Wise Man’

Crazy guy: Let me know about a Cae­sar sal­ad.
Em­ploy­ee: We don’t sell Cae­sar sal­ads, sir.
Crazy guy: I did­n’t say I want­ed a Cae­sar sal­ad, I said, ‘Let me know about a Cae­sar sal­ad.’ [Pause] What’s in a Cae­sar sal­ad?! What do ya’ll know about it?!
Em­ploy­ee: I don’t know.
Crazy guy: That’s what I thought! Ya’ll don’t know about Cae­sar sal­ads!

–Sub­way, 41st St, be­tween 6th & Broad­way

Over­heard by: i know whats in a ce­sar sal­ad but im not tellin

News­Flash: New Jer­sey Builds Im­mi­gra­tion Wall

Yup­pie on cell cut­ting long line, to cashier: I’d like to buy some cook­ies.
Cashier: Um, the line starts back there, sir.
Yup­pie, in­to cell: I hate the fuck­ing East Side. Every­one thinks they’re hot shit. I can’t fig­ure out this fuck­ing line — all I want to do is buy some fuck­ing cook­ies… New Jer­sey is my des­tiny.

–Bak­ery, 70th & Lex