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Wednes­day One-lin­ers Are a Mat­ter of Opin­ion

Ethan Hawke: Man, every­body’s fat.

–Em­ploy­ees On­ly, Hud­son St

Over­heard by: mol­ly

Guy on cell: But you’re not fat in Amer­i­ca!

–Ozzie’s Cof­fee III, 5th Ave, Park Slope

Wednes­day One-lin­ers Hit the Pre­miere

Guy: The thing about Cro­nen­berg is that you have to ap­pre­ci­ate him in
con­text to what he does…which is of­ten un­ap­pre­cia­ble.

–Bel­mont Lounge, East 15th Street

Is There Any­thing She Does­n’t Know?

Eva Amur­ri to hip­ster com­pan­ion: My fa­ther was telling me the dan­gers of as­par­tame — you know the stuff in Di­et Coke? It’s like a sug­ar. It was once reg­is­tered as a chem­i­cal weapon.
Hip­ster com­pan­ion: Yeah?
Eva Amur­ri: If there is any way to be­come a su­per­hero, it has to be by drink­ing Di­et Coke.
[lat­er] Eva Amur­ri to hip­ster com­pan­ion: I can’t re­mem­ber how it ends… If he dies in a war or if Gats­by gets in a car crash, but he loves Daisy.
[lat­er still] Eva Amur­ri: Pasties are Band-Aids that on­ly cov­er your nip­ples.

–Acela train leav­ing Penn Sta­tion

Over­heard by: could you maybe name­drop your mom less, Miss Top-Vol­ume-At-All-Times?