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Look, the Chips are Red!

Co­lum­bia stu­dent #1: Would you like a free cook­ie from the Co­lum­bia an­ti-So­cial­ist club?
Co­lum­bia stu­dent #2: Should­n’t that be “earn a cook­ie”?

–Morn­ing­side Heights

Over­heard by: Mary Phillips-Sandy

Wednes­day One-Lin­ers Sharp­en Their Shanks

Thugette on cell: Yeah, I’m plan­ning on get­ting ar­rest­ed this week­end. That’s my new thing now. In­stead of go­ing to the club and shit, I’m just go­ing to get ar­rest­ed.

–34th & 8th

Over­heard by: Cli­toris Rex

Met­ro­sex­u­al: Oh my god! Did you hear that Paris Hilton just es­caped from prison?

–Broad­way & Prince

Mom eat­ing fried chick­en: I al­ways thought Penn Sta­tion stop was named af­ter a pen­i­ten­tiary…

–A train

Over­heard by: Den­ning

Mock­ing cop to dude he just ar­rest­ed: You’ve got jail!

–West Vil­lage

Wednes­day One-lin­ers Are Ass

Man: You know what I love? Fart­ing in su­per­mar­kets.

–Broad­way & 87th

Over­heard by: al­ice townes

Woman on cell: Went to the club last night, goin’ to the club tonight, to­mor­row sit on my ass: D‑V-D!

–El­dridge & Stan­ton

Queer on cell: I mean, he left bruis­es and scratch­es all over my ass! I could bare­ly sit down on the sub­way this morn­ing! I’m telling you, if some­thing hap­pens to me to­day, the ER peo­ple are gonna think I’ve been beat­en.

–23rd St be­tween 6th and 7th