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Wednesday One-Liners Leave Track Marks

Former Broadway ingenue: He injects silicone into his penis and testicles. He has for years.

–A‑list Broadway party

Overheard by: kgrahams

Wannabe policy maker: They should have umbrella exchange centers. You know, like needle exchanges.

–Washington Square South

Overheard by: Lacey

Dad: You want to get arrested? Brian, put those syringes down. If you want to get high, go outside and find some mothafucka on the street.

–Emergency room, Beth Israel

Overheard by: Coughing in the Ghetto Israel

Ditz: I love hepatitis shots!

–Penn Station

Overheard by: Salmon Slap

Hipster chick on cell: Yeah, you should probably get a rabies shot for that… And a pap smear.

–Washington Square Park

We’re Losing the War on Wednesday One-Liners

Blonde on cell: It’s not a methadone program! You’re on methadone the whole time while you’re in there, but it’s not a methadone program!

–Washington Square Park

Overheard by: PNY

Frat boy: It’s liquid cocaine, and it’s going to be legal for at least another year!

–Lion’s Head Bar, 108th & Amsterdam

Dude: You just spray it and then snort it…

–33 W 19th Street

Overheard by: Uh, I never did it like that..

Man on cell: Man, you’re always high! Remember that construction job? No, of course you don’t — ’cause you were high!

–72nd & Broadway

Overheard by: Isaiah Tanenbaum

Lead singer: I sweat coke at Bikram Yoga.

–Crash Mansion

Queer on cell: And the one thing I should’ve been buying myself — drugs — he was buying for me.

–23rd & 7th

Overheard by: MR

Attorney on phone: She may smoke pot, but she’s absolutely responsible!

–Midtown East

Overheard by: Opie

Wednesday One-Liners’ Next Stop Is Meth

Man shouting to woman nearby: Yo! You better hurry up. I got you a ride. I’m going straight to the bridge, and I ain’t stopping for no crack!

–Amsterdam Ave & 92nd St.

Overheard by: Dana

Girl in dress to friends: And that was the first time I sucked dick for crack…

–10th St & Ave A

Man to another as he walks away: Don’t spend it all in one crackhouse.


Woman, yelling at man twenty feet ahead: Hey! Don’t walk away from me. At least you got crack yesterday!

–Broadway & 96th St