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We’re Los­ing the War on Wednes­day One-Lin­ers

Blonde on cell: It’s not a methadone pro­gram! You’re on methadone the whole time while you’re in there, but it’s not a methadone pro­gram!

–Wash­ing­ton Square Park

Over­heard by: PNY

Frat boy: It’s liq­uid co­caine, and it’s go­ing to be le­gal for at least an­oth­er year!

–Li­on’s Head Bar, 108th & Am­s­ter­dam

Dude: You just spray it and then snort it…

–33 W 19th Street

Over­heard by: Uh, I nev­er did it like that..

Man on cell: Man, you’re al­ways high! Re­mem­ber that con­struc­tion job? No, of course you don’t — ’cause you were high!

–72nd & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Isa­iah Tanen­baum

Lead singer: I sweat coke at Bikram Yo­ga.

–Crash Man­sion

Queer on cell: And the one thing I should’ve been buy­ing my­self — drugs — he was buy­ing for me.

–23rd & 7th

Over­heard by: MR

At­tor­ney on phone: She may smoke pot, but she’s ab­solute­ly re­spon­si­ble!

–Mid­town East

Over­heard by: Opie

Wednes­day One-Lin­ers’ Next Stop Is Meth

Man shout­ing to woman near­by: Yo! You bet­ter hur­ry up. I got you a ride. I’m go­ing straight to the bridge, and I ain’t stop­ping for no crack!

–Am­s­ter­dam Ave & 92nd St.

Over­heard by: Dana

Girl in dress to friends: And that was the first time I sucked dick for crack…

–10th St & Ave A

Man to an­oth­er as he walks away: Don’t spend it all in one crack­house.


Woman, yelling at man twen­ty feet ahead: Hey! Don’t walk away from me. At least you got crack yes­ter­day!

–Broad­way & 96th St

That Was Ac­tu­al­ly His Cam­paign Slo­gan

An­tho­ny Wein­er and what ap­pears to be 3 of his staff get out of a black Chevy Im­pala with tints and a spoil­er.

Stoned kid #1: Dude it’s An­tho­ny Wein­er.
Stoned kid #2: Who?
Stoned kid #1: An­tho­ny Weiner…the Con­gress­man. He lives right there.

Stoned kid #2 looks back

Stoned kid #2: Hey Wein­er! You’re a Wein­er!

–As­can Ave & Burns St, For­est Hills

Over­heard by: Pe­ter Sip­sas

And Will­ing to Share Her Meth

Guy: So, Rob slept with that trail­er trash chick last night.
Girl: Holy shit! Which one?
Guy: The meth-head-look­ing one. You don’t think she looks like to­tal trail­er trash?
Girl: Oh my god, she had trail­er trash ooz­ing out of her fuck­ing pores!
Guy: So why were you talk­ing to her half the night?
Girl: What­ev­er. She was re­al­ly nice.

–Ter­race ta­ble, Blue Wa­ter Grill, Union Square

Over­heard by: ebiz­zle