Fire­man, telling a sto­ry about a fe­male fire fight­er: She’s one tough woman.
Re­tired cop: All fire­men are tough women.

–Bar, Stat­en Is­land
Head­line by: Max North

· “And Don’t Even Get me Start­ed on Lifeguards…Bunch of Pussies.” — Lind­sey
· “Does This Hose Make my Ass Look Big?” — Bones
· “Don’t Get Him Start­ed on Me­ter Maids…” — col­in
· “Fire­fight­ers Are From Venus, Cops Are From Jer­sey” — Hunter North
· “It Makes For an In­ter­est­ing Cal­en­dar” — travis
· “That’s How the Poles Stay so Smooth” — Syd O’Ban­ion
· “They All Re­fused Anes­the­sia Dur­ing the Sex Change Op­er­a­tion” — John­ny D
· “Which Does Much to Ex­plain the Low Salaries” — Jen­i­na
· “You Should See His Burnt Doll Col­lec­tion” — Matthew
· “You’ll Nev­er Be the Man Your Moth­er Was.” — Paul

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