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Hap­pens Sopho­more Year for Most, But It’s Nev­er Too Late

92-year-old moth­er-in-law: It’s a two girl wed­ding?
Daugh­ter-in-law, pass­ing by sec­ond re­cep­tion hall: Yes, two women are hav­ing a wed­ding re­cep­tion, they got mar­ried.
Moth­er in law, as she stud­ies the two women: Well, that one [Points.] is­n’t so bad. she could have got­ten a man.
Daugh­ter-in-law: She did­n’t want a man. she’s at­tract­ed to women.
Moth­er in law: I nev­er had a chance to try that.
[Then pro­ceeds back and forth to the bath­room sev­er­al times dur­ing re­cep­tion, to check.]

–Wed­ding Re­cep­tion, Es­sex House

Over­heard by: brides­maid