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Wednes­day On-Lin­ers

Chick on cell: Why did you tell dad about that?…Well, he was go­ing to find out soon­er or lat­er when he saw me on the web­site.

–Union Square

Fe­male midget: Yeah, they’re in­stalling the in­ter­net in my new apart­ment and ap­par­ent­ly they need a com­put­er.

–El­e­va­tor, ABC build­ing, 66th St

Over­heard by: Mo­josaves

World trav­el­er: Re­al­ly, you can get any­thing on the streets of Bangkok. Thai pros­ti­tutes, smooth­ies, pass­port pictures…It’s like Craigslist.

–20th & 8th

Over­heard by: laugh­ing out loud

Catholic school girl on cell: Dan­ny, it’s me. I have some bad news. We’re on a break. Call me back when you get this message.…[Hangs up and re­di­als] Maria! What am I go­ing to do about my My­Space?!

–4th Ave

Over­heard by: Joe

Blonde on cell: Se­ri­ous­ly, I love you, but…Seriously…Seriously, you’re an ass­hole. You’re a dick! Why did­n’t you just tell me the fuck­ing truth!…Well, I’m sor­ry, okay? I’m sor­ry I post­ed those pic­tures on My­Space, but…Well, be a fuck­ing man about it and tell me the fuck­ing truth then!…Seriously, I love you.

–23rd & 8th

Over­heard by: wild dog boy

Loud guy on cell: So how do I get this done? Do I go on the in­ter­net or some­thing?… I want to be able to print my own boun­ty hunter li­cense im­me­di­ate­ly.

–11th & 6th

Suit: When I was work­ing for my old com­pa­ny, all we would do is down­load porn.

–Grand & Var­ick