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Marriage Requires a Different Kind of Acting

Little girl, holding Phantom Of The Opera playbill: Mommy, were those two people married?
Mother: What two people?
Little girl: Those two people who kissed.
Mother: No. Those were actors. They were just acting in a play.
Little girl: But then outside, I saw them hug.
Mother: I think they were just saying, “Good job.” That’s how they say, “Good job.“
Little girl: Well, I saw them kiss so they better have been married!

–LIRR train

Overheard by: sara swank

Jeez, Look at Him Vomit Into That Potted Palm

Disgruntled woman #1: It’s not that he kissed my cousin…
Disgruntled woman #2: Right.
Disgruntled woman #1: And it’s not that he can’t feel emotions…
Disgruntled woman #2: Most guys can’t!
Disgruntled woman #1: It’s that he drinks Bacardi-151!
Disgruntled woman #2: I’m sayin’!

–The Courtyard Marriot, Times Square