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Do Those One-Liners Go All the Way Up to Your Wednesday?

Lady to another: I’m waxing my crotch whether he likes it or not!

–52nd & Madison

Overheard by: someguyslikethejungle

Preteen: Yo, she bit Mark’s crotch!

–66th & Broadway

Overheard by: dan

Girl to another: I don’t think he’d like your stiletto heel in his actual crotch. Oh, now your twat is all over the place.


Man on cell, noticing, “The Big Penis Book”: Hey, I’m at this bookstore and they have this big book of penises… Oh, you have it already? The big book, with the pink cover and crotch on the front? Oh, okay, cool.

–Bookstore, Brookyln

Bimbo: Crotches are always wrong!

–American Apparel Store

One Quote. So Many Questions

Dude: Also, it was kind of fun to walk down the street hitting myself in the neck with a hammer.
Chick: I think that was around the same time as the plastic cube.
Dude: No, I wasn’t wearing the plastic box on my head at that point. It would have interfered with the neck hammering.

–Lenny’s Bagels, 23rd St

Overheard by: Rose Fox