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We Don’t Rave with Good Dancers

Chick: What are you do­ing this week­end?
Guy: I’m go­ing to a passover rave.
Chick: What the hell is a passover rave?
Guy: That’s where we have a Seder, then drop ec­sta­sy and go danc­ing.
Chick: That is so awe­some. Can I come?
Guy: You’re not Jew­ish.

–Wait­ing Room, Pa­cif­ic Col­lege of Acupunc­ture Clin­ic

Over­heard by: Colleen

I’d Ask You Out If Ei­ther of Us Had the En­er­gy to Fol­low Through with It

Hip­ster boy: He’s such a fuck­ing los­er — he just has to ad­mit it. I mean, I’m a los­er, and I’m fine with it.
Hip­ster girl #1: Yeah, it sucks to be a los­er and not be cool with him.
Hip­ster girl #2: I nev­er leave the house any­more.
Hip­ster boy: Me nei­ther. Last week I bought an an­ten­nae for my TV, and sweat­pants and weed. I on­ly left the house to­day be­cause I ran out of milk.
Hip­ster girl #1: Awe­some.

–A train

There’s a Rea­son “Stooges” and “Splooges” Sound So Alike

Suit #1: What are you do­ing this week­end?
Suit #2: I think I’m go­ing to go jet ski­ing. Wan­na go jet ski­ing?
Suit #1: Yeah sure, I’ll go.
Suit #2 (an­swers phone): Yeah, I’m go­ing jet ski­ing this week­end. Do you wan­na come? Yeah, I’m go­ing with Steve*. (pause) No, three dudes on a jet ski is­n’t gay. (turns to friend) Is it?
Suit #1: Two dudes is ques­tion­able, but three is def­i­nite­ly gay.

–Broome Street Bar

The Blue­birds Who Usu­al­ly Do It Have the Day Off

Punk girl: So he said he re­al­ly wants to get me re­al­ly drunk again.
Punk friend: Why?
Punk girl: Be­cause he said I’m as cute as a Care Bear.
Friend: What the hell does that mean?
Girl: Um, who cares? That’s so sweet… and I did­n’t even sleep with him for it. Now help me push up my tits.

–Q Train

Over­heard by: In­gss

I Love the New York Pub­lic Li­brary

Ex­cit­ed col­lege kid #1: Dude! We are to­tal­ly go­ing back there!
Ex­cit­ed col­lege kid #2: Def­i­nite­ly.
Ex­cit­ed col­lege kid #1: Hash, ‘shrooms, a shit­load of pot… We are get­ting fucked up this week­end and then we’re go­ing back there for more!
Ex­cit­ed col­lege kid #2: Yessssss.

–Bleeck­er & Sul­li­van

Over­heard by: won­der­ing where there is.