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It’s All About Ri­ta Now, MTV Gen­er­a­tion

Twin girl #A: Yeah, she said she was go­ing to do the school year here.
Unique girl: She came from Ken­tucky? Why did she come so far?
Twin girl #B: Louisiana is a state. Ken­tucky is an­oth­er state.
Unique girl: Oh, well why’d she come to New York? Could­n’t she stay in her house in Louisiana?
Twin girl #A: Um, no, a hur­ri­cane hit New Or­leans. That’s why she’s here.
Unique girl: Right, right. I for­got about that.

–Kew Gar­dens sta­tion

May/December Wednes­day One-lin­ers

Girl: Man, this old dyke is dig­ging on me, but I want some pe­nis
these days.

–3rd be­tween B & C

Guy: Man, old pussy is the best! She has 50 years of dick suck­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

–124th & Man­hat­tan

Over­heard by: Ja­son Stein­hauer

Queer on cell: Ever since I lost my hair I’ve had 20 year olds chas­ing me around like I’m an ice cream cone.


Over­heard by: Squat­por­poise

Girl: Oh yeah, that guy you saw me with Sun­day? He lets me watch him have sex with boys.

–NYU School of so­cial work

Over­heard by: Mag­gie