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Mod­els Are Eas­i­ly Blind­ed With Sci­ence

Eu­ro­pean male mod­el #1: You know, he’s al­bi­no.
Eu­ro­pean male mod­el #2: Al­bi­no?
Eu­ro­pean male mod­el #1: Al­bi­no? Al­beeno?
Eu­ro­pean male mod­el #2: Oh, al­beeno, I know what that is. Red eyes.
Amer­i­can male mod­el #1: What the fuck? Blue eyes, man.
Eu­ro­pean male mod­el #2: No, red. They don’t have enough…
Eu­ro­pean male mod­el #1: Fer­ment.
Eu­ro­pean male mod­el #2: Yeah, not enough fer­men­ta­tion in their eyes. It’s bi­ol­o­gy… That is bi­ol­o­gy.

–Q Train

Over­heard by: Julie

…But How’d You Know My Name?

Short man in glass­es, suit, and an­kle cast: Hey, I’ve got some great new mu­sic for you.
Tall blonde mod­el: Oh, re­al­ly?
Short man: Yeah! I’ve got the new David Guet­ta al­bum three months be­fore it’s sup­posed to come out. It’s got this song with Akon called Sexy Bitch.
Tall blonde mod­el: Wow, cool!
Short man: It’s a song about you!
Tall blonde mod­el, gen­uine­ly sur­prised: Tee-hee! Re­al­ly?

–Ho­tel down from the rooftop bar at the Gan­sevoort

Sounds Like You’re Not a Mod­el for Any­one

Pret­ty boy: Well, it’s good mon­ey, but I don’t want to do it too much, be­cause I don’t want peo­ple to think I’m like them.
Un­pret­ty boy: Who, the oth­er male mod­els?
Pret­ty boy: I am not a male mod­el! I am an ac­tor! I just do it for the mon­ey.
Un­pret­ty boy: Sure, sure, it’s just a gig, man.
Pret­ty boy: I am not a male mod­el!

–14th & 7th