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It’s All Fun and Games Un­til He Dri­ves the Bus in­to the Riv­er

Bus dri­ver: Next stop: 60th Street, trans­fer to the four, five, six or the N/R. Six­ti­eth Street and Bloom­ing­dales, next stop… Hi, every­one — I’d like to take this red light to thank you for join­ing us on this, the one hun­dred and fif­teenth run of the M103 bus. Now, I know some of you have had bad days at school, work, church, et cetera, but please don’t bring that home to your loved ones. Leave all your stress on the bus, and I’ll toss it in­to the East Riv­er for you when we pass it. [Applause.]Middle-aged woman: Well, that was nice of him!

–M103 bus, 3rd Ave

One Year Lat­er

This past week the first an­niver­sary of this site went qui­et­ly by. Wow, has it re­al­ly been a year al­ready? Yes, it has. We just said so. Please pay at­ten­tion. We hope that the site has made you laugh, or caused you to look over your shoul­der be­fore speak­ing.

We want­ed to take this mo­ment to thank our read­ers, es­pe­cial­ly those who con­tribute, and our non-read­ers, es­pe­cial­ly those who pro­vide our fod­der. This site would­n’t be here with­out the help of friend­ly ears. If you heard any­thing, do take the time to send it in.

We al­so want­ed to an­nounce that due to the great in­flux of sub­mis­sions, start­ing to­mor­row we’re go­ing to be post­ing twice dai­ly for as long as pos­si­ble. On­ward and up­ward, as we once over­heard some­one say.

–The Over­heard In New York Staff, NYC

Heard in New York

Our beloved ed­i­tor will give a talk 8pm this Wednes­day, 12/8, about work­ing with Har­vey Pekar on Our Movie Year. It’s in the base­ment of Loli­ta, cor­ner of Broome and Allen on the LES. Our beloved pub­lish­er will be there as well; come by and say hi to the Over­heard staff!