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I, Uh… Know?

Male hock­ey fan: I swear — if he shows me his ass one more time…
Fe­male hock­ey fan: I know!
Male hock­ey fan: Se­ri­ous­ly, I’ve seen the in­side of his colon.

–33rd & 7th

Head­line by: Rhys Southan

· “And Trust Me, It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be” — Mike N
· “But I Had to Pay Ex­tra” — An­na
· “Giu­lian­i’s Clean Bill Of Health Proves Not to Be Fac­tor with Vot­ers” — Jat­mos
· “Now Let’s Take Off These Rub­ber Gloves and Go to the Game” — Julie

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But Thanks Any­way for Pay­ing to Have the Teeth in My Vagi­na Straight­ened

20-some­thing girl, bawl­ing: It’s not fun­ny! I turn boys gay, Dad.

–Aro­ma Cafe

Head­line by: shud­der

· “A Fa­ther’s Dream Comes True” — 6th Floor Blog­ger
· “Put Oth­er Dad­dy on the Phone!” — KJM
· “There Are No Strap-Ons With­out Con­se­quences” — Cap­tain Het­ero
· “There, There, Liza. It’ll Be Okay.” — Howard Ban­nis­ter
· “Worst Su­per Pow­er Ever” — Crick­et

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Over­heard Every­where

Oc­ca­sion­al­ly, we leave New York and al­so over­hear great quotes that we’d like to use on the site, which we haven’t done when they’re not in an Of­fice or Beach. To en­cour­age our eaves­drop­ping, we’ve launched Over­heard Every­where — The Voice of the Rest (of the world out­side of New York).

This site is a bit dif­fer­ent than our oth­ers be­cause, in ad­di­tion to post­ing what we over­hear our­selves and what our spies tell us, we will al­so link to the Best Of the oth­er over­heards on the In­ter­net, on the hun­dreds of im­i­ta­tion over­heard sites that have popped up — so, if you or a friend of yours runs your own over­heard site, tell us about it, and we’ll read it dai­ly and post and link to our fa­vorites on your site, too.

Let us know what you think at [email protected] or [email protected]

Team Over­heard


Start­ing to­day, Over­heard in New York will be run­ning reg­u­lar head­line con­tests. What you do: Click on the link at the top left of the site, read the head­less en­try, and let your bril­liance un­fold. What you get: Head­line cred­it when the en­try is post­ed, props from friends and cowork­ers, and a link to your blog (at our dis­cre­tion).

Over­heard in the Book­store

Jan­u­ary 31st sees the re­lease of Over­heard in New York, the book. There are ap­par­ent­ly peo­ple out there who have lives and don’t read web­sites; now they can see for them­selves what this site we all love so much is all about.

The book is per­fect sub­way read­ing, and makes a great gift for Chicks, Dudes, Old ladies, Tourist moms and Crazy guys. And un­like
al­most every oth­er web­site turned in­to a book, we weren’t cen­sored. You get the best of the best–and the worst of the worst!–as well as a bunch of quotes we saved es­pe­cial­ly for the print edi­tion.

We’re very ex­cit­ed and hope to make this an an­nu­al tra­di­tion. It’ll be
like Za­gat’s, but with ho­bos. You can or­der it here.

–Mor­gan & Michael (and 4 pages of con­trib­u­tors!)