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This nig­ga on Over­heard

Thug #1: We don’t even go to the movies or noth­in’. She just comes over to smash it and then she leaves. She knows, too. She just comes over for some pipin’.
Thug #2: That’s where it’s at.
Thug #1: She got a 10-year-old li’l nig­ga, too. She knows not to ask for some­thin’ se­ri­ous. That li’l nig­ga in fifth grade! That nig­ga on My­Space!

–Hous­ton & Suf­folk

Over­heard by: Rhymes With Lasagna

Head­line by: ja

· “…And “To Catch A Preda­tor”” — Stuck in the Mid­West
· “He Comes Over for Some Pipin’ Too.” — Court­ney
· “I Just Have to Wait for Her to Be in Eigth.” — Snark Slop­er
· “That Li’l Nig­ga Gots Roast Beef and This Li’l Nig­ga Gots None.” — john­nyb
· “The Nu­cu­lar Fam­i­ly” — Bill
· “The Wal­tons, 2007” — G’night, John Boy

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