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First-Come, First-Served Is a Pre­text for Dis­crim­i­na­tion!

[A woman cre­ates her own line and walks up to the counter.]Postal em­ploy­ee: Ma’am, you have to wait in line.
Lati­no woman: I was in the es­s­press line.
Postal em­ploy­ee: We don’t serve espres­so here ma’am, this is the post of­fice.
Lati­no woman: What? You think I’m stoopid? I have less than ten items.
Postal em­ploy­ee: There is no ex­press line at the post of­fice, please wait in line like the oth­er peo­ple.
Lati­no woman: Oh… I see how it is.
Postal em­ploy­ee: Hap­py hol­i­days, ma’am.
Lati­no woman: Fuck you too.

–Post Of­fice, 14th Street & Av­enue A

Over­heard by: tex­mor­gan

My Guess? Lone­ly Man Mails Self Open Par­cel

Guy: Why is that pack­age open?
Clerk: I can’t open it.
Guy: It’s al­ready opened, why is it open?
Clerk: Sir, I’m not al­lowed to open it. If you want it, sign the card.
Guy: I want to know why it’s open, is any­thing in it?
Clerk: I can’t open it.

3 min­utes of this en­sue.

Guy: Just give me the stu­pid pack­age.
Clerk: Why are you still talk­ing?

–Sun­ny­side post of­fice

…And, Frankly, You’re Lucky I’m Even Talk­ing to You.

Man need­ing help: I need to get my pass­port re­newed be­fore I leave for a trip out of the coun­try next week.
La­dy at post of­fice: We can ex­pe­dite it, and you can have your new pass­port in two weeks.
Man need­ing help: But I’ll be back from my trip to Mex­i­co in less than two weeks.
La­dy at post of­fice: Well, we can ex­pe­dite it and you’ll get your pass­port back in two weeks.

–Post Of­fice, Grand Cen­tral

Over­heard by: Adam Lazarus

Be­cause Postal Work­ers Are Leg­endary for Hav­ing Such Great Sens­es Of Hu­mor

Post of­fice dude: Where is this go­ing to?
Chick: Ger­many.
Post of­fice dude: Is there any­thing haz­ardous to your health in there?
Chick: Uh no, just mag­a­zines. And well, some of my hair that’s stuck to that tape on the pack­age as well.
Post of­fice dude: Oh, I don’t know what cus­toms has to say about that. They will have to deal with that. But wait, I will check.
Chick: That was a joke! I’m not send­ing hair!
Post of­fice dude: What, but you just said…
Chick: Wow. It was a lame joke! You can lit­er­al­ly see half of my scalp un­der that tape. I tried to cut it with my teeth and and some of my hair got stuck un­der it… Nev­er­mind!
Post of­fice dude: Ugh. $16.56, please.

–Post Of­fice, Brook­lyn Heights