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Bone­less Ones in Sauce

Old la­dy #1: Well, then my grand­son and his friends went over to Hoot­ers. You know, Hoot­ers the restau­rant? Do you know what hoot­ers are?
Old la­dy #2: Big boo­bies?

–Guy & Gal­lard Deli, 6th & 37th

Over­heard by: Michelle S.

I’m Glad We Had This Lit­tle Talk

12-year-old girl #1: Do you even like boys?
12-year-old girl #2: Yeah, I do!
12-year-old girl #1: Sure… You like them boys who be wearin’ all light col­ors, walkin’ around like, ‘How you doooin’? I’­ma braid your hair!‘
12-year-old girl #2: What? No. I like boys, I don’t like tit­ties.
12-year-old girl #1, af­ter a pause: Some boys be havin’ tit­ties, though.
12-year-old girl #2: Word.

–Gra­ham & Met­ro­pol­i­tan, Brook­lyn

Over­heard by: amused in the bus stop