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Wednes­day One-lin­ers Lunch Hour

Sounds Like a Nice Druish Boy

Girl #1: I think true love is when you know some­one is­n’t per­fect but you still think they are.
Girl #2: I thought love was when you could still feel but­ter­flies in your heart even af­ter he tells you he thinks he’s an elf.
Girl #1: I keep for­get­ting that ac­tu­al­ly hap­pened.
Girl #2: Yeah, and not to you.
Girl #1: Yeah, I don’t know how I would have tak­en it.

–58th & 5th

Tell That to Sarah Jes­si­ca Park­er

Dude #1: So I’m to­tal­ly fight­ing with Mark–
Dude #2: You mean phys­i­cal­ly fight­ing, or meta­phys­i­cal­ly fight­ing?
Dude #1: Meta­phys­i­cal­ly. But does it make a dif­fer­ence?
Dude #2: Well, dude, you can’t get punched in the face, meta­phys­i­cal­ly.

–West 3rd & Mer­cer

Over­heard by: Dev Nille