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Wednesday One-Liners in Smell-O-Vision

Hipster girl: I’d rather face the stigma of buying feminine hygiene products than face the stigma of having a stinky hoo-ha.

–13th St & 5th Ave

Overheard by: agreed

Girl: Remember Diana? Stinky Diana? She’s back, and she’s getting married.

–West 47th & 8th Ave

Overheard by: Peter G

Chick: If I’m going to play beer pong, I need to be fragrant.

–Sammy’s, 11th St & 6th Ave

Overheard by: McF

Little boy to dad: I don’t want to go to Africa! I don’t want to smell the camels!

–5th Ave & Park Pl, Park Slope

Voice on intercom: The Children’s Section is closed due to… that smell.

–NY Public Library, East 96th St

Overheard by: Diane

Chick: So, did you smell your toilet paper?

–MoMA cafe

Overheard by: Sweettart

Wednesday One-Liners, Now with 10 Percent More Stank

Suit in sunglasses: This entire platform smells like a hitherto unknown species of ass.

–D train platform, 34th St

Aging hipster on cell: At worst, you emit a general smell. If people notice it, I don’t think they associate it with you.

–Worth St & W Broadway

Loud woman: Yo, where you at? I can smell your breath, but I can’t see your face!

–Shoe store

Drunk chick in room of females: It smells like penis in here.

–Pi2 Lounge, W 12th & Surf Ave

Overheard by: Ioulia Fedorova

Teen on cell: Dude, they kicked me off campus! Because they said I smelled like I was high. I mean, I am a little high, but I don’t smell like it!

–Stuyvesant High

Fat man: Why didn’t anyone call Patty* and tell her that her breath stinks?

–Victory Hospital

Overheard by: Suquaia

Guy, smelling girl’s armpit: Man, that’s brutal! But I kinda like it…