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You Think She’d Hook Up With Me?

Sis­ter #1: You know what Aun­tie Cathy* said last week? She said that, back in the 40’s, Aunt Mary* was a huge slut! She said, and I quote, “She had the clap so many times it amount­ed to ap­plause.“
Sis­ter #2: And I thought the on­ly hob­by she ever had was cro­chet­ing those ug­ly stuffed an­i­mals.

–Quizno’s, 14th & 3rd

The Teacher Want­ed to Make It Clear That the Cor­rect Word is ‘Fag­got’

8‑year-old: To­day Jahzeer and Wassef told Steven he was gay and les­bian! And Steven start­ed to cry!
Old­er sis­ter: Oh. And did you tell them that was­n’t very nice?
8‑year-old: No. The teacher start­ed yelling at them! It was very en­ter­tain­ing. I was ex­cit­ed to be there.

–Coro­na, Queens

Over­heard by: Amy

…It’s Ex­tra-large, Right? I Don’t Want To Get Your Her­pes.

[Twen­ty some­thing chick stops in the mid­dle of the store and looks around.]Twenty some­thing dude, who is ob­vi­ous­ly broth­er of twen­ty some­thing chick: What? What are you look­ing for?
Twen­ty some­thing chick: The con­doms.

–Du­ane Reade, Penn Sta­tion

Over­heard by: Rich Mintz