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What Hap­pens When You Use the TV As a Babysit­ter: A Sim­u­la­tion

Skin­ny girl: I’m sor­ry you have to go through this.
Sob­bing girl: I just…I just hope he’s go­ing to… be okay.
Skin­ny girl: Do you think that maybe you want to go and com­pose your­self in the of­fice?
Sob­bing girl: I was just… there. And I would… but the can­dy… sucks.
Skin­ny girl: I’ll… I’ll give you my last Men­tos.
Sob­bing girl: The Fresh­mak­er?

–The Met

Big Girls: Yeah, Hope You En­joy Lunch­ing on Your Own Spit

Skin­ny girl #1: Do you know bridal sa­lons on­ly car­ry dress­es in small sizes, so big­ger girls have to, I don’t know, close their eyes and imag­ine what the dress would look like if it could zip?
Skin­ny girl #2: Se­ri­ous­ly?
Skin­ny girl #1: Some day some­body’s go­ing to come out with a de­sign line for fat girls, and they’re go­ing to make a killing.
Skin­ny girl #2: Bridal Barn.

–Cen­tu­ry 21, Fi­nan­cial Dis­trict

Wednes­day Does­n’t Eat Enough to Keep a One-Lin­er Alive

Skin­ny pro­fes­sor: John* [a chub­by pro­fes­sor] and I start­ed Weight Watch­ers to­geth­er at the same time!

–Hos­tos Fac­ul­ty Din­ing Room

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Skin­ny girl to clerk: Hi, do you have a soy-based, non-dairy sub­sti­tute for heavy cream?

–Whole Foods, Union Square

Over­heard by: of­fice pe­on loves Thanks­giv­ing food

Girl or­der­ing Cof­fee Coolat­ta with skim milk: I hope this tastes as good as it did when I was anorex­ic. Every­thing tast­ed good back then…

–Dunkin Donuts, Bay Ridge

Over­heard by: al­li­son

Jew­ish grand­moth­er­ly type: Women with anorex­ia seem to have such strange eat­ing habits.

–Up­per West Side

Anorex­ic-look­ing girl: I want a tic tac. I’m hun­gry.

–95th & 2nd