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Though I’d Rather Hei­di Klum Woke Me Up

Wife: I think we might need a stiff drink af­ter this.
Hus­band: (does­n’t re­spond)
Wife: It’s sup­posed to be sad.
Hus­band: I think I want to take a nap now.
Wife: Do you want me to wake you up when the show starts?
Hus­band: (grunts)
Wife: Was that a yes or a no?
Hus­band: Yes.

–Cher­ry Lane The­atre

Over­heard by: Emi­ly B.

Un­til I Fuck You with a Strap-On at In­ter­mis­sion

Girl #1: I was so im­pressed with him! He im­me­di­ate­ly iden­ti­fied me as bi. No one else had ever done that be­fore.
Girl #2: I know. When I came out three months ago, I called every­one I knew, and they were all sur­prised.
Girl #1: And here we are at Ham­let, sit­ting here in dress­es! No one will ever sus­pect!

–Dela­corte The­ater, Cen­tral Park