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Sad­ly Not Be­yond the Realm of Pos­si­bil­i­ty

Kid press­es call but­ton on com­muter hot­line phone.

Fa­ther: Why did you do that?
Son: I’m sor­ry. I did­n’t know what it was.
Fa­ther: If you do that again the po­lice will ar­rest you.
Son: Re­al­ly?
Fa­ther: Yes, George Bush will come and take you to jail.
Son: What?
Fa­ther: He will kill you and put your pic­ture on the Wall of Mem­o­ries [Ground Ze­ro fea­ture].

–World Trade Cen­ter PATH sta­tion

Wednes­day One-lin­ers for Adop­tion­ists

Crazy woman: I’m still alive and breath­ing, thank you very much, de­spite the best ef­forts of the Dev­il.

–Food Court, Grand Cen­tral

Over­heard by: Rich Mintz