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Wednes­day One-Lin­ers: Fact or Fic­tion?

Guy: It’s like Au­gust: Os­age Coun­ty, but with zom­bies.

–Man­hat­tan The­atre Source

Over­heard by: Emi­ly B.

Girl: You know what they say: two in the bush, one in the wiz­ard.

–Dorm, Pratt In­sti­tute

Col­lege stu­dent: Ghosts? They’re like VT!

–186th St & Am­s­ter­dam

Black fe­male suit on cell: Yeah, well you bet­ta hope Tin­k­a­bell comes along… Or who­ev­er the fuck it is who grants you ya damn wish­es!

–Penn Sta­tion

Over­heard by: emi­ly d.

An­noyed man on cell walk­ing down stairs: No, mom, I don’t know what were­wolves eat! No, mom, I don’t! Mom, I can’t talk right now, I’m go­ing in­to the sub­way!

–Union Square Sub­way En­trance

Over­heard by: Masked Avenger

Wednes­day One-Lin­ers for Kendra

Young la­dy: Stu­pid peo­ple have more fun!

–Chrystie & Housten

Over­heard by: Prob­a­bly True…

Mid­dle age woman to young woman push­ing stroller: Well, this is a stu­pid place for a stroller!

–Times Square

Over­heard by: Would the street be safer?

Over­sized hip-hop boyfriend to un­der­sized girl­friend: I’m be­ing stu­pid for your ben­e­fit.

–Du­ane Reade

Woman buy­ing ibupro­fen: It’s not a virus. My moth­er’s got a headache from every­one be­ing stu­pid.


Over­heard by: Rose Fox

Girl smok­ing on the side­walk to smok­ing friend: He’s per­fect. Ex­cept that he’s kind of dumb. But he’s per­fect!

–34th St & Madi­son Ave

Over­heard by: Kat­face

Un­like the Ar­ro­gant Pro­duc­tion Crews Who Ru­in Our Morn­ing Com­mutes?

Film crew: Hey lit­tle girl, can you hold on a sec­ond? We’re shoot­ing a movie.
Lit­tle girl: For re­al? Can I be in it?
Film crew: No, you’re not in cos­tume. You’d have to be a gang­ster from the ’20s.
Lit­tle girl: I’m gangs­ta! Look! (shoots him with fake gun)
Film crew: See those ac­tors? They’re in the right cos­tume.
Lit­tle girl: They look like poor peo­ple. Can I say hi to the poor peo­ple?
Film crew: Not right now, we’re in the mid­dle of shoot­ing, so we have to be qui­et.
Lit­tle girl, scream­ing at top of her lungs: You are sick! You’re not gonna let a lit­tle girl say hi to poor peo­ple?
Film crew, un­der his breath: This kid’s go­ing to ru­in my life.

–Film Set, 160th St & St Nicholas

Over­heard by: Na­tal­ie