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Think We Should Tell Her What I Got Pierced?

Woman #1: Rho­da! Did you see Chrissie’s tat­too?
Woman #2: Oh no!
Woman #1: And here.
Woman #2 to teen: Are you crazy? Do you know what that shit is go­ing to look like when you get preg­nant and it stretch­es all out and hangs there? I ought to kick you both down these steps throw­ing good mon­ey away.

–Met Steps

Over­heard by: Blondie

And Can You Tuck? Says Here ‘Girl Gets a Free Bal­loon.’

Dad: How old are you?
Teen boy: Thir­teen.
Dad: How old are you?
Mom: You know he’s thir­teen.
Dad: It says here that if you’re eleven or younger, you get in free… How old are you?
Teen: Oh. Eleven.

–Roxy Deli

Over­heard by: Kelsey
Head­line by: Tom Dorey

· “And Don’t For­get, Your Mom’s Your Grand­ma And She Got That Black Eye Play­ing Bin­go” — Kate
· “And it’s cheap­er than re­gres­sion ther­a­py” — Kim
· “But He is 19 on My­space” — DanC
· “Good An­swer. Now Give Me $10 For Your Moth­er And Me.” — Hobo Whis­per­er
· “Good…now go shave your balls.” — Col­in
· “If Your Mom Had­n’t Lied About her Age, You WOuld­n’t Be Here Now” — Ja­son
· “Sor­ry, Not Ap­plic­a­ble to Jews” — djin­go
· “Still pay­ing down the debt from Dad’s mid-life cri­sis” — Al­li­son
· “You Know What I Like Bet­ter Than Wel­fare Checks? Noth­ing.” — Amos
· “You know I on­ly get paid for send­ing them pre-teens” — kasey

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